The Fear From The High 


The last holiday was unforgettable. We were at the scary moment. It was a minute but we felt many scary moments. During our fear, there was only one hope. It was over soon. The fear caused by rides called Mining Coaster at Surabaya Carnival Park. 

The Park is located in Ahmad Yani Street near Waru toll roads. There were 52 rides in it, such as baby wheel, bumper car, mining coaster, crazy house, bledek coaster, frog hopper, carousel, ferrish wheel etc. Most of playground are suitable for children but some of them aren’t. Some are only for teenagers and adults.

My daughters were excited since we arrived in grandma’s house. They didn’t look tired at all even after spending four hours on the train. When the night came, and Surabaya Carnival Park was opened, my daughters asked us to go there. We had no choice except answer their asking. Because the next day was the last day of the fasting month so it was so crowded there. We had to cook the Ied Fitr dishes.

Surabaya was  a little bit quite in that night. It took around 30 minutes from home to The Park. When we got there, we had to buy four tickets. One ticket it cost Rp 80.000 because it was the holiday season. On weekdays we could be pay for Rp. 60.000 only. After we got the tickets, we were allowed to enjoy the playground.

There were several extreme rides because it was boost our adrenaline. One of them was Mining Coaster. The rides looked like a bare mining train. When we rode, we could saw the view from the high. Beside, we also felt the blast of the wind so fast. The train would move rapidly. The ride went up, went down and turned with high speed. From the ground, I saw mining coaster didn’t taken a long period of time. It was a minute, I thought.

My daughters were interested in riding it. Actually, I was a little bit hesitated with my little daughter, Zahira’s decision. Was she brave enough? Because she was only 7 years old, meanwhile, the Mining Coaster was a big challenge for her. I worried that she was afraid. So, I offered her another ride.

But, She refused it. Zahira wanted to ride it like her sister. I asked her once again. Was she sure to ride that?. She ensured me that she really wanted to ride it and she said that she wasn’t afraid at all.

Finally we rode mining coaster. At the first, the train moved slowly. But, the speed went higher when the train descended and suddenly ascended. Then, it made a sudden turn to the right and to the left. Our body was slammed pretty hard. It was so terrible. We scared of falling off the train. We were screaming.

Luckily, Elvis had left the building. It didn’t take a long time. If it happened, we could be faint, I thought. We were so relieved when it was over. I was remembered Zahira. Then I looked at her face. OMG, her face looked so pale! I hugged her tightly. She told me that she was afraid. I said that I knew, and ask her not to worry again. I told her it was over now. There wasn’t fear anymore.

Then, we asked my daughters to ride another playground. We picked out circus train. We believed that riding it would bring no fear. It was fun and enjoyable for kids. Finally, I saw a smile on her face. She looked so happy and forget the nightmare on the coaster.

The night was too late, so we had to go home. We brought unforgetable experience. It was absolutely the fear from the high. It was a short nightmare for us. If you were interested in riding mining coaster like us, make sure that the safety belt is tied tightly. So, you could be ride it safely.


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